Made in Pakistan

Sporting Goods

FIFA World Cup Soccer ball is one of the many handmade sporting goods.

Traditional Shoes

From Multani Khussai to the famous Peshawari Chappal.

Carpets and Rugs

Handwoven and Hand knotted Carpets and Rugs from Pakistan.


From gorgeous bridal dresses to casual clothes. The talent in Pakistan is beyond belief.


Silks, cotton or gultex you name it, Pakistan can make it.

Leather Products

From top of the line motorcycle jackets to accessories, it’s all made in here at home.

Clay Dishes

Brightly colored clay dishes as the province of Punjab itself.

Wicker Crafts

Wicker crafts created with steady fingers and great care.

Handmade Jewellery

Crafting unique splendid designs using gold, silver and other non-metallic materials.

Brass and Silver Handicraft

Pakistan is manufacture and exporter of brass handicrafts and silver handicrafts.

Marble crafts

The beauty and the craftsmanship are outstanding.

Wooden Pottery

Wooden pottery specifically carves and bowls which are entirely handmade.

Surgical Instrument

Pakistan is the leading exporter of surgical instruments, but local manufacturers receive only 2%, or $359m, of the $17bn global trade, as most of it is lost to outsourcing importers.

Who is to be blamed for these grossly unfair trade deals? It is the inability of the industry to develop international brands.

Basically, local producers are suppliers to international brands based in the US and Western Europe, who outsource manufacturing to artisans concentrated in Sialkot.

Some international brands are reported to have shut down manufacturing facilities in their home countries as they get the best products from Pakistan’s world class artisans.

Camel Bone

Another Multan’s special and attractive Camel bone handicrafts.

Chooriyan (Bangles)

Hyderabad’s special treat for women. Handmade bangles.

Sports goods

Large number of sports goods are manufactured in Pakistan.

Wooden Pottery

Wooden pottery specifically carves and bowls which are entirely handmade.